Engaging Our Learners

Welcome to Engaging our Learners, a wiki set up to document some of my current PD efforts. With over 30 years in the college classroom, it was time to seek out ways to reach those students who just don't seem to be successful in the traditional post-secondary classroom.


An extensive literature search shows that I'm not alone with these (and other) problems, nor am I alone in my attempt to find practical, workable solutions. As part of my research, I have examined the results of myriad empirically-based studies in the areas of:



Through this research and the development of a personal learning network, I have evaluated various tools, methods and strategies that are available to enhance, facilitate and stimulate today’s learning process. Much progress has been made in the areas of brain science, motivation, and mindset as it applies to education. The technologies that are available for use in today’s classroom are many and varied, and studies show that many can be viable tools for learning.


Debate rages on about 21st century learners, what skills they have, how they learn, and what they will need to thrive in our changing economy. Many innovative learning strategies and delivery methodologies have been tested and show promise in reaching a broader range of students. All of these findings indicate that with effort (and a willingness to change), we can connect with our students, motivate them, and help them succeed in their learning.


I would encourage you to explore the resources that I've accumulated over the past few years and apply any tools, methods, or strategies that you think may help engage your own students.